Hopita (hopita) wrote,

For my day off, I sure did spend an awful lot of time at work ...

Today was my day off, but I had to spend 5+ hours at The Co-op, thanks to inventory. Like I said to Maggie, I'm awfully glad I decided against wearing my swimsuit under my clothes today. By the time I was done today I was done, if you know what I mean.

At one point today, an anonymous comment (in Sprout's handwriting) appeared on the women's bathroom chalkboard: "Let's all try to be a little more passive aggressive" (or words to that effect). So I responded: "Well, you're off to a good start ..."

Oh, and telephasic: thanks for the tip about the gnocchi. I just had an immensely satisfying supper. Thanks.
Tags: eefc, maggie, sprout, swimming, telephasic, vegan

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