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This has been a really frightening day.

First, the movie. Last year I let Sprout talk me into Blood Diamond (when I wanted to see Night At The Museum); this year I let pghwob talk me into I Am Legend. Next year, we're seeing what I want to see, goddammit.

I Am Legend was horrible. Horrific violence followed by more horrific violence; I think I only saw twenty minutes of the film, total. The rest of the first hour was spent with my face buried in pghwob's smoky shoulder. And the second hour? I couldn't take it anymore and went to go cry in the bathroom, only then I couldn't bring myself to go back inside, so I asked the cashier if I could just hang out in the lobby. She said yes and I sat in the lobby crying until the Channel 2 News team waltzed in with cameras and lights ablaze. Not wanting to be shown crying on the 11:00 news, I spent the next half hour watching a random half hour of P.S. I Love You, which was a vast improvement over the carnage that was I Am Legend.

Then on to dinner with n0thingman and lilostitch, which was definitely the high point of the day. pghwob bought me dinner to make up for the movie (as well as for missing my birthday), and, with some stir fried vegetables (and a sassy fortune cookie fortune), I started to feel better.

Unfortunately, about ten minutes ago and just a few blocks from home, a man came running at me when I was in my car, stopped at a red light. Maybe he wanted to carjack me or maybe he was just looking for money; either way, my instincts kicked into hyperdrive and I floored it, red light be damned. My heart is still pounding.

So that's my Christmas, all peppered with fear. I'm off to call Daryk and smoke a whole lot of weed.
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