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Still more pictures!

I got another roll of film back. This one features LaKeisha's going away party, and also Winterfest.

The pictures:

LaKeisha, Billie, Nigel, Ayana and the snake

Fran, LaKeisha, Billie, Nigel and the snake

Billie and the snake

LaKeisha saying goodbye

LaKeisha saying goodbye

Nigel, Steiner, Young Mike, Joey Coconuts and Billie

draw_in_yellow*, Steiner, Sprout and Fran

Nigel, Sprout, Joey Coconuts, Fran and Billie

Hanuka candles**

Hanuka candles

Tino and Jacob

Jacob and Tino

More Hanuka candles

More Hanuka candles


Rebecca and the Voices for Animals crew

Rob Baran and BFunk***

BFunk*** and Kara

Ant and friends

Sara, Young Mike, Yeagel and Jim Lingo

Phat Mandee

Erin, BFunk*** and Ramon

* In the actual roll of film there's a truly fantastic picture of her with her cat, as well as her assaulting her boyfriend with an umbrella. Unfortunately, neither of these pictures made it onto the disk. :(
** With the ghost of Sprout hovering in the mirror
*** Yes, ladies and gentlemen: My date was a leprechaun dressed like Santa Claus.
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