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Last week, I got meme tagged by furious_mold. I promised I would do it when I got a moment to sit still and think. I still haven't actually found that kind of time, but I thought maybe I could do it in fits and starts while I was at work today.

To that end:

I will write seven facts about myself and then tag seven people down below. They will write seven things about themselves. I've done so many of these, so I'll have to dig deep - maybe even be silly. Silly, but honest.

1. Christmas music is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. Anytime I hear a Christmas song playing at work (we never put on the Christmas station, but they slip the occasional Christmas song onto the other stations), I immediately go into the office and change the channel.

2. I'm allergic to cedar.

3. This book is dedicated to me.

4. I met my first serious* boyfriend in group therapy. Group therapy was really a lot of fun -- very Bob Newhart Show-esque.

5. I didn't learn how to drive until I was 23**.

6. I love cross dressers. Ooh, baby, love 'em.

7. I think probably most people who read my journal know this already, but I used to be a junkie. It's not exactly something I put down on job applications, but it's also not something that I'm ashamed of***.

I would like to tag a few people, but since we've done a lot of these already I don't expect anyone to follow through. It's OK!


* There was one guy before him -- Aaron, a boy I knew at summer camp. We never did anything more than hold hands and get teased a lot. I think I still count him as my technical *first* boyfriend, even though we never even kissed.
** OK, technically, I got my drivers license two days before I turned 23, but you get the point.
*** Which doesn't mean that I'm not ashamed of some of the things I did while under the influence, but I've no shame over the simple *fact* of having been a drug addict.
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