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LaKeisha's going away party, volume 1

Steiner and Jonah

Young Mike and Trouble

Jonah and draw_in_yellow


Young Mike, Fran, and draw_in_yellow

draw_in_yellow, Ayana, Keilah, LaKeisha and Fran

Keilah and LaKeisha

LaKeisha and Ayana

Steiner, Fran and Ayana*

Ayana and LaKeisha*

Fran, LaShaun and Ayana*

Fran, LaShaun, Ayana and LaKeisha*

draw_in_yellow, Jonah and Nigel


Soul Train: Steiner**

Soul Train: Joey Coconuts**

Soul Train: Nigel**

Soul Train: April**

Soul Train: LaShaun**

Soul Train***

Soul Train: Fran**

Soul Train: Jonah**

Soul Train: Ayana**

Soul Train: LaKeisha**

Soul Train: Billie**

Soul Train: LaShaun****

Soul Train**





And there will be a few more shots once I finish the roll that's currently inside my camera.

* That's Absinthe in those cups, ladies and gentlemen
** I have no clue when the last time was that I was at a party where a soul train line broke out. It was FANTASTIC!
*** I think this was Sprout's turn, but all I caught on film was the edge of his sleeve.
**** I think this was my P.O.V. during my trip down the aisle.
Tags: ape, ayana, billie, cats, dancing, draw_in_yellow, eefc, fran, joey coconuts, jonah e., lakeisha, lashaun, nigel, parties, pictures, sprout, steiner, young mike

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