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Famous, again

My letter to the editor is in today's Post-Gazette. It's actually the wrong letter. The story is long and stupid and involves committees and miscommunications and Antiochians just generally being Antiochians. 'nuff said.

And speaking of goofy people I know ... Dan has invited me to his house for Thanksgiving. I, of course, already have plans with my folks, but have told him that I may try to stop by afterward. I also told him that his house reminds me of some sort of weird Addams Family of hippies.

I also have potentially bad medical news, which I'm hesitant to post to the list-at-large because, well, at this point it's still just a possibility. I'll find out in two weeks (I could have had an appointment next week, but didn't want bad news on my birthday. I may change my mind on that, though). If there's anything to share, I promise I will.
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