Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Birthday Angst.

OK, here's the deal:

It's my birthday next week. Much as I love having birthday parties, it doesn't appear to be happening, as I have a teeny tiny apartment, I no longer have a boyfriend with a big house, and, for bonus points, my birthday is the day before Thanksgiving, thereby practically guaranteeing that everyone will already be busy anyway.

Also, since my birthday is on a Wednesday, that means I won't be at work. Which makes the likelihood of my spending the day at home, alone, in my bathrobe, watching Montel ... distressing.


Um ... help? I have a coupon for a free entree at Mad Mex, and would really like someone to go with me. This job usually goes to n0thingman, but he's been hard to track down lately (and, again for bonus points, he's involved with lilostitch, whose birthday is three days before mine, so he's likely to be Mad Mexed-out). I've been trying to ask pghwob, but he's on a panic attack lawyer schedule, and is equally hard to pin down.

I'm weird about birthdays -- I admit it. I need hoopla -- somebody hoopla me!
Tags: angst, birthdays, lilostitch, orange mike, parties, pghwob, thanksgiving

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