Hopita (hopita) wrote,

More pictures!

Antioch Homecoming balloon (front)

Antioch Homecoming balloon (back)

draw_in_yellow, The Cat Whisperer

Jonah, draw_in_yellow, some woman I don't know, and Erin in the background

Brent, Young Mike, Jared and Fran

Jonah, draw_in_yellow, that same random woman, Steiner and Erin


Random woman and Fran


Billie and Elisa

Steiner and Julie*

Brent, Steiner and Julie*

Steiner and Julie

Jonah and draw_in_yellow

Jonah, draw_in_yellow, Ant**, Julie and Sara

Ant** and Brent***

Callie and draw_in_yellow

Callie and draw_in_yellow

Jonah and draw_in_yellow

Nick, leaving

Nick, leaving


Weird double exposure thing

* Dressed as Steiner.
** I couldn't tell if he was supposed to be a cop or a stripper.
*** Drunk, but not yet naked.
**** The rest of the pictures of Brent being drunk and nearly naked will have to wait until next week.
Tags: ant, antioch, balloons, billie, brent, draw_in_yellow, elisa, erin, fran, frida kahlo, halloween, jared, jonah e., julie, nick r., parties, pictures, sara, steiner, young mike

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