Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Antioch Homecoming pictures 6

The sixth roll:

Michael at the dance

kassyd at the dance

Ed at the dance*

Gerry, insanedeity and kassyd at the dance

Gerry's head

My head and Gerry's head

Tim at the dance

Ed at the dance*

Laurie Dreamspinner's house**

Gerry and Tim

caelidh and Greg

Judy, Megan Grinner, Karen and Ed

caelidh and Me

Karen, arkaeyn, and Ed

Karen, arkaeyn, and Ed

Group shot***

chryssfs and Michael


? hugging Michael goodbye

Jude and Ed

Jude and Ed

Tim and Me on the stoop

* He makes the *best* faces when he's dancing
** This is where I stayed when I was in town
*** Which the people developing my film somehow managed to forget to make prints of ... grrr ...
Tags: antioch, arkaeyn, caelidh, chryssfs, dancing, gerry, insanedeity, kassyd, me, pictures
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