Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Antioch Update: D-Day

Well, this is it -- the big day. From this morning's email from (Alumni Board member) chryssfs:

We don't have a time/place for the final decision. The 3 pm was reported in the press but wasn't confirmed by the UBOT. However, Ina just swung by (it's 10:08 am EST) to say that the UBOT and the executive committee of the AB are v' v' close to a decision. There are just a couple of things left to hammer out. Ina was very optimistic and was smiling.

As soon as I hear of a decision, we'll send someone over to CG, someone will post here and on the lists and we'll get something up on the web site right away.

Thanks, stand by brave fabulous people....

There's a Community Meeting at 4:00 pm, though we're not entirely sure where -- McGregor 113 will likely be too small, but the Peak Oil Conference is in Main Building, so that probably rules out Kelly Hall.

Keep your fingers crossed everyone ...
Tags: antioch, chryssfs

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