Hopita (hopita) wrote,

And the Antioch Update ...

I'm in The Old Olive, sitting next to demonfire. In about an hour, the SOPP training starts. There were supposed to be other "open session" things today, but the majority of those have since become "closed session." From what I hear* this is a *good* thing -- it means that the Board of Trustees wants to have the privacy to really get down to business with the Alumni Board. Fingers crossed.

On a complete tangent, germane: demonfire was inquiring as to your whereabouts. I let her know that you were enjoying your fabulous new life with the Kennedys.

And now demonfire has gone upstairs to Antiochiana and caelidh has come to take her place. Man ... is every Antiochian that I know on LiveJournal?

I think I may head up to Antiochiana myself so I can make out with my secret boyfriend, Scott Sanders ...

* planetjupiter, I'm not even going to *try* to remember the woman's name who said that anymore
Tags: antioch, caelidh, demonfire, germane, planetjupiter, scott sanders, sopp

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