Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Non-stop Antioch!

Hello and greetings from my favorite spot in the Olive Kettering Library. Yes, cats and kittens, I'm back at Antioch.

I didn't make it here in time for today's big meetings, but gwennyth42 did a great job taking notes and getting them online. Check it out.

I did make it in time to have "Community Supper" with arkaeyn, caelidh and planetjupiter, though. And planetjupiter and I have forked over our hard-earned cash and become official card-carrying CG members. Woo hoo!

But seriously folks, if you're in any way able to make it to Yellow Springs this weekend, you should really do so. Sometimes (OK, often) I wonder just how much I'm really able to contribute to this effort, but I do also recognize that sometimes, just being a warm body and showing up is pretty fucking important.

And seriously -- can any of you who've ever spent any time here actually picture this place vacant? Lights off, doors locked -- Duffy working in a Foot Locker in Dayton somewhere? We can't let that happen. This place needs to exist.
Tags: antioch, arkaeyn, caelidh, duffy, gwennyth42, planetjupiter

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