Hopita (hopita) wrote,

UPS can kiss my bell

At Quiet Storm yet again. Someone has fucked up the keyboard, and a good half dozen keys and no longer usable. I'll try to avoid using those letters, symbols and functions.

I suppose I'm killing time yet again ... til swimming ... til seeing Mom and Grandma (and Erma, the pug). It's snowing in Pittsburgh and has been since I woke up. This fucked up keyboard keeps typing double spaces when I hit the spacebar, and I'm sick of fixing it every damn time, so I'm just going to leave it be. UPS left me one of those yellow tags yesterday, said they tried to deliver a package, only I was home when they supposedly attempted delivery and I would have come down and signed for the package had they actually rung my doorbell rather than just sticking a note on the door and leaving. So I left a note on my door saying just that, and asking them to please ring the bell today, only now I'm not there, so whatcha gonna do? I also suggested they get a signature from Al across the street ... we'll see what happens. For future reference, should anyone feel the urge to send me a UPS package, please select the option that says they don't need a signature from me in person, OK?
Tags: computer issues, grandma, mom, quiet storm, snow, swimming, ups

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