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Ah, Thursday morning. Well, Thursday afternoon, if you want to know the truth of it. It's all khaosinc's fault; somehow a conversation with him a few nights ago lasted until well past 4 am; consequently, the whole rest of my week has been off-schedule, off-kilter, something like that.

So I think I have pinkeye, which sucks. I had something similar over the summer (which I'm still convinced I got from my cat, Tino), so I still have medicine lying around, but nonetheless, it makes me feel a bit like a leper. Ugh. It also makes me somewhat blind, but that's another story.

In other news, Vince is having another benefit, this coming Saturday night at Quiet Storm. I went to the last one, and somehow ended up working the door. That's sort of the way it has to be with Vince, though. Like, I'd never volunteer for anything for him, because I know somehow it would be neverending and take over my entire life and make me hate him, but if I'm just there and end up helping out for a while, then so be it. At least that way I can always walk away. Vince says he likes it better that way too - he knows what to expect.

I took some great pictures of one of Vince's kids at the anti-Bush rally earlier this week, but there's no chance I'll have the film developed by Saturday. There was a guy at the rally dressed up as a giant goldfish, and apparently Vince's daughter is all about Finding Nemo, so when she saw the giant fish on Tuesday, she was naturally pretty excited. Ah well. Sooner of later I'll see him again. I always do.

By the way, my favorite chant of the whole protest:

"You can't eat guns and you can't eat money
George Bush is a fucked up dummy"
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