Hopita (hopita) wrote,


I've just returned home from my final outdoor swim of the season. Pools close in about two hours and then it's indoors until next June.

I got in a good, long swim and then treated myself to one of my favorite things about swimming in Highland Park: a visit to the duck pond.

I get such a kick out of those little ducks. I love the way they shake their tail feathers in the air when they dive for food. I love the way their call sounds like they're laughing: wha wha wha ...

Armed with an entire box of crackers and a fresh roll of film I sat there, soaking up the sun and making friends with the ducks. Here ya go, ladies. Oops, there's one for you too. It made me think of Daryk and the fact that he gave me the unmistakably British nickname "Ducks." Ducks. I always liked that.

And then as I drove home I realized: Holy cats -- I have mermaid hair!
Tags: daryk, ducks, hair, swimming

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