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August pictures

Just got some more pictures back today. These include lots of pictures of my cats, a few Co-op pictures, the pictures of Devi Andal, and pictures from Co-op Kennywood Day.

The pictures:



Joey Coconuts

Joey Coconuts

R2D2 Mailbox




draw_in_yellow and her new tattoo

draw_in_yellow's new tattoo

J. Alan

Devi Andal at the CS Desk

Devi Andal on my living room wall

Jacob and Tino

Jacob and Tino

Bathroom Chalkboard*

eric riding the train at Kennywood**

Pro-union statues at Kennywood***

The gateway to 'Lost Kennywood'

The Whip at Kennywood****

eric riding the swings at Kennywood**

Action shot from the swings at Kennywood

eric riding Music Express at Kennywood

Pirate sculpture at Kennywood*****

eric riding the bumper cars at Kennywood**

eric riding the merry-go-round at Kennywood**

Jonah and draw_in_yellow at Kennywood

* With the "Valentine's Day is Over" lyrics, since erased
** I am becoming SUCH a fan of his
*** For pghwob, with ♥
**** The unreadable plaque says something about the company that manufactured the ride. I remember that they were from Coney Island.
***** Fun & creepy fact: For reasons that I don't understand, this statue distinguished itself from all of the others by having real hair
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