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Kava Krash.

I'm trying to remember a time in my life when I didn't feel like I was drowning. Seriously.

I seem to have bypassed calm and gone straight into comatose. I keep wanting to rest my head on the desk for about six hours. Except that I still want to kill people. Just, you know, slowly.

So yea ... a point in my life where things felt just generally OK ... um ... college? Sort of, at times, sure, but overall? Senior year of high school? Maybe, although I seem to remember plenty of drama then too -- it just looks prettier in hindsight. And I certainly don't remember having a moment's peace since Antioch -- maybe in those early, heady days with Douchetruck? Chicago was constant drama and trauma ... vulgarweed, Daryk, Bob, heroin ... Meh.

So if I've never been happy, how do I fix that? germane, are you out there? This seems like just the sort of post you'd have something to say about ...

Oh my stars, I have to go back to work ...
Tags: antioch, bob herries, chicago, daryk, drugs, germane, heroin, unixd0rk, vulgarweed, youth cry

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