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Go me.

I got a raise. I arrived at work and Dan and Mark basically ambushed me with a performance review. I texted pghwob when I found out, but he never replied. I wanted to tell Sprout, but ... yea. I was just gonna tell him on break, but he was hiding down the street in what appeared to be a secret confab with his fake boyfriend, Ant. I dunno. It didn't seem like the right moment.

But telephasic stopped by, so I told him. And I have plans tonight with Miss Prissy Pants and Rick, and they're sure to be the eager, excited, congratulatory audience that I've been looking for.

Random and strange things: Sprout cut his finger today at work, and it was kind of funny to watch the fallout. Without going into too much detail, let's just say that it involved a whole lot of cayenne pepper and reiki, and not a whole lot of antibiotics or stitches. Ah, life at The Co-op.

Also, much more random and strange: somehow Dan and I ended up talking about my breakup with Douchetruck. For reasons that I don't understand, Dan said that I should've gotten a strap on and used it on him. I declared "but I did!" and I have never seen Dan laugh so hard in the entire time that I've known him. When he finally came up for air he explained that that was NOT the response he had anticipated receiving.
Tags: ant, breakups, dan, eefc, loneliness, mark perry, miss prissy pants, pghwob, sex, sprout, telephasic, unixd0rk

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