Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Faith and Begora!

Random things from today:

Weird Money Guy is moving to Switzerland on Friday (um, I think I mentioned the word "random"). I remember once upon a time Rob claimed him as a friend; truth be told, Weird Money Guy has no clue who the fuck Rob is. But no matter; I claim Weird Money Guy as a friend, and am sad to hear of his imminent departure.

And another thing that's bumming me out: Dan frequently uses the word "begora." The way he usually uses it, it sounded like one of his many pet names for me (as in "what do you think of THAT, begora?"), and it was the nickname that made me the happiest. But no, Sprout burst my bubble today: it's actually an Irish term that means "by God." That made me feel really stupid.
Tags: dan, randomness, sprout, unixd0rk, weird money guy
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