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Hello. I am at work and I am bored. I shelved all the new product yesterday, and today I've already cleaned out a bunch of the old samples and restocked and ordered the teas. I was an idiot and took some old supplement samples which resulted in my having a horrible dizzy spell. I now have no clue what to do, so I'm updating my journal.

Tonight is my Grandfather's yarzeit and I will be going directly from work to Synagogue with my Mother and my Aunt. We were supposed to have dinner beforehand, but apparently there's some sort of street fair going on in Squirrel Hill, and that has effectively quashed our plans.

What else? I'm wearing my Grandmother's ring for the occasion. Those of you who have seen it know how spectacular it is.

And my toenails are painted with gold and sparkles ...
Tags: boredom, eefc, gayle, grandma, grandpa, jew, mom

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