Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Rotten Day: Part 2

About an hour after I made my last post, I had a horrible realization: every time I get a parking ticket, it means my car is about to get totaled.

My first parking ticket in Pittsburgh? Was never paid because shortly thereafter, the clutch blew on my beloved 1979 Datsun 210. My next ticket? Was also never paid, because within a week my 1990 Nissan Whatever-the-heck-it-was got T-boned by a drunk on the South Side. And the ticket after that? Was right before someone drove into my 1992 Mazda Protege when it was parked on Penn Avenue in Lawrenceville.

Let me just say that today's ticket makes me extraordinarily nervous.

Other crap:

My Mom took me out for Chinese food. We tried to go to Zenith, but after a solid hour stuck in traffic, we arrived to discover that they're not open on Wednesdays. Oops. So we went to Shadyside and China Palace, which is what used to be Hunan Kitchen in Squirrel Hill (which is what used to be Zen Garden in Squirrel Hill). The fortune in my cookie said "Your love life will soon be happy and harmonious," which actually made me cry. I hid that from my Mom, though.

Then my Mom did something really sweet. We stopped in to Journeys of Life and she bought me this little stone wall hanging that says "hope." I haven't hung it up yet. And at the moment, all I want to do is sit at her feet, rest my head in her lap, and cry. I think instead I'm gonna smoke a giant pile of weed and crash. Meh.
Tags: car, driving, fortune cookies, hunan kitchen, love, marijuana, mom, presents, relationships, zenith cafe

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