Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Whining Warning: Whining Ahead

Hi. My day sucks.

From the queasy feeling in my stomach to the $92 parking ticket (while I was IN the car, i.e. not actually parked) to the plans that got all fucked up, to the other plans that appear to be getting all fucked up ... just meh.

Specifics: I intend to fight the ticket. I probably deserved it, though it was also a solid case of a cop having a bad day and taking it out on me because I was there. Worst case scenario: I lose and end up still having to pay the fine anyway.

And more specifics: I was supposed to meet up with Sprout this morning. It didn't happen, and he managed to call when I was in the pool. Then I called him back when he was in a meeting. Fantastic. I was trying to arrange getting together so that it wouldn't interfere with my dinner plans with my Mom, but now those plans appear to be falling apart as well.

Signs from above that it's time to call today off and climb back into bed? Perhaps.
Tags: cops, frustration, illness, mom, sprout, swimming

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