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“Miss Prissy Pants: Owwwwwwww! What am I hurt? When I was at a party to sing at. And I didn't know how to tell you. So I sang a loud sonnnnnnnnnnng. But I thought you might not like ...

Rick: I swear to God. Get ready to go.

Gary: I just haven't had people over here. The place is falling apart.

MPP: I love Gary. I love Gary. And I didn't mean to hurt her chair. Not at all.

Rick: Whaddaya say Wally?

MPP: I think I have a talent for this. No *I'll* play *you* a song. I've got my eyes on you. I've got my eyes on you, Gary. I've got my eyes on you.

Gary: This is your birthday song.

MPP: I have a birthday song. I wrote a birthday song for you. I wrote this song for you. Do you wanna ... Do you have any wine?

Rick: Oh my God, no.

MPP: Gary, I wanna sing you a birthday song.

Gary: Mine's in January.

MPP: No, a birthday song for me.

Rick: What day in January Gary?

MPP: Yea, what day?

Gary: Two one.

Rick: January twenty one?

MPP: Do you have any wine?

Rick: Oh shut up.

MPP: Is there any left?

Rick: None for him.

Rick: We have to get home. I know it's your birthday but ...

MPP: Without any wine. There was a fire and everything. It didn't matter at all. Cause I couldn't get ... And then she was all like "you broke my chair and I had to set up another one and you can't have more wine."

Rick: Brian, we have to go.

MPP: You know how that is.

Hopita: You're gonna cry when I send you these links tomorrow.

MPP: That was a really good song. You guys, why didn't you get me a guitar for my birthday? Dude! If I had a lesbian sister ...

Hopita: You do. You do.

MPP: And, um, sister-in-law and she was up somewhere and be a good boyfriend and go talk to her. Right? Isn't that good?

Hopita: I don't really want

MPP: Oh my God let's sing a song about Hope's. Let's do the acoustic version to Giant Eagle.

Hopita: Because we don't have an amplifier.

MPP: Right! Let's pretend we're unplugged.

Hopita: Because we are.


MPP: You guys, we're gonna do the unplugged version.

Hopita: Because we are.

MPP: Can you even believe it? Right here.

Hopita: Hey Gary -- this phone has a guitar pick stuck to it. No.

Gary: How did that get there?

Hopita: I don't know but it's still stuck to it.

Gary: You're kidding.

MPP: All alone ...

Gary: "All The Lonely People!"

MPP: No, dude, I only play my own songs.

Gary: Brian, you're meant to play.

Hopita: See, there ya go.

Gary: You're meant to play guitar.

MPP: I don't think so Gary.”

Transcribed by: hopita
Tags: alcohol, birthdays, gary, me, miss prissy pants, music, parties, voicepost

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