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Welcome to 7-11!

Today is Sprout's birthday. How do I remember this? Because he has the same birthday as my best friend from high school, Miss Prissy Pants. And how do I remember Miss Prissy Pants' birthday? Because it's 7-11 ...

It's a big week for birthdays, actually. Chey's (and Shannon's!) was Monday, lurpy's was yesterday (did you get my message?), and Hipster's (remember him?) is the day after tomorrow.

Incidentally, speaking of Hipster (and Sprout, and Miss Prissy Pants), I fully intend to update that exes/hookups collage someday soon (yes, I hooked up with Miss Prissy Pants once upon a time. Yes, I'm aware he's gay. I think I may've even known that at the time, actually. What can I say? It was the 80s and we were teenagers, and teenagers are nothing if not idiots).

I actually ordered birthday presents for Sprout, because somehow or other, Sprout and I appear to be friends again. I think it was Antioch-related; I got so caught up in everything surrounding the Board of Trustees and reunion and organizing alumni and everything that I sort of forgot to hate him. I came back from Ohio and he stopped into the office that day and I gave him a big hug and declared that I'd really missed him. It was true -- I had really missed him -- I'd just forgotten that I wasn't supposed to.

At any rate, animosity appears to have ceased, and, when I stopped into the store today to buy a(n admittedly last minute) present for Miss Prissy Pants, I saw Sprout and gave him a big hug and wished him a happy birthday. I'd planned to go swimming after that, but storms and thunder cleared the pools, so now I think I'm heading down (or at least trying to) for lap swim hour. That should have me done at just the right time to head out and meet Miss Prissy Pants and his friends for his birthday celebration.

Then I have a conference call tomorrow about alumni organizing. It's been a nice mental vacation for me, these past few days, but I need to get my ass back in gear.
Tags: activism, antioch, birthdays, cheychey79, eefc, exes, hipster, lurpy, miss prissy pants, presents, rain, sex, shannon, sprout, swimming

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