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Voice Post:

281K 1:33
“OK, once again I'm driving ... don't really know what to say. I am ... I'm partially updating because I'm driving, 'cause I'm so freakin' tired today that I'm sort of trying to stay awake and at the moment, talking seems to be working for me, so that's what I'm doing. I only cried a little bit, when I said goodbye to planetjupiter. And I definitely need to send an email when I get home to like everybody, because aside from planetjupiter, caelidh and Colin, I said goodbye to nobody ... No, no, no -- and Kelly Kersting, Kelly Kersting ... But I did not get a chance to say goodbye to m00nshadow, uh, Chris ... oh, I can't remember what Christian's name is right now ... Christian. What's Emily? mousepower? Who didn't I say ... I didn't say goodbye to anybody. I didn't say goodbye to Ozz. I didn't say goodbye to Niki or Kristen or anybody. Um, Yea. Wow, I really am tired. I should probably stop talking 'cause I'm gonna sound like an idiot. Alright.”

Transcribed by: hopita


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Jun. 26th, 2007 02:49 am (UTC)
It's never goodbye Hope! ;>P

It was great seeing everyone. I threw in THE ANTIOCH EXPERIENCE tonight. I forgot how badly that was edited.. Some really good choregraphed scenes....but badly edited....

I am tired too... I should be in bed...

I need to figure out how to do the voicemail posts. I haven't done them yet.....

I have been trying to upload my pictures from reunion and have failed 3 times. I uploaded a ton from a wedding I attended and they uploaded fine.. I think I got some good photos. Thanks for the copies!:>P

I will get these pictures up.... I would like if some of them could be used for recording the experience...

Hope things are well... Hope.

I have my Horace's Posse t-shirt on. I am going to wear my t-shirts as often as I can. I would like to get a button though....

I love this stuff...

Now I know why I wanted to come to Antioch....!!!


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