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“Well, at dinner this evening in about 30 minutes, maybe 45, we managed to raise I think very close to $200,000 -- the last number I heard was something like $187,000. So we are, for half an hour's work, well on our way to saving the college. Turns out I had gotten bad information earlier. The College Revival Fund is NOT a 501(c)3, however it IS tax deductible. I'm not totally sure how that works, I don't understand, but I was corrected today and told not 501(c)3 but yes, still tax deductible. And also that I guess the University did not tell us not to use the name Antioch. It was sort of a preemptive since the whole Record battle/m00nshadow/intellectual property thing, they ... The Alumni Board just decided rather than risk a fight to just not use the name Antioch at all so as to not have to deal with any sort of possible problem. So the College Revival Fund awaits your check. I will be continuing to post more updates. I believe our groups are going to get a press release out tomorrow before people leave reunion about just exactly how much money we have raised. And the momentum is going so jump on board ...”

Transcribed by: hopita
Tags: antioch, m00nshadow, voicepost

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