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College Revival Fund

I'm going to copy, verbatim, what was handed out this morning by the Antioch College Alumni Board and then I'll offer my comments:



The Board of Directors of the Antioch College Alumni Association has created the College Revival Fund.

The Alumni Association is serious about the revival of the College.

The Alumni Association is serious about keeping the College alive if enough money can be raised soon.

Donations may be made payable to "College Revival Fund" and may be given to any member of the Antioch Alumni Association Board of Directors.

If you wish, you may mail donations payable to the College Revival Fund, Account No. 130 110 698 524, to the U.S. Bank, 266 Xenia Avenue, Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387.

My comments:

This is separate separate separate from the University. This was set up by the Alumni Board as a separate 501(c)3 (yes, tax deductible), to be used as The Alumni Board sees fit. The University can't touch it. The Board of Trustees can't touch it.

To that end, I would personally advise against sending your check by way of 795 Livermore Street. I would absolutely send my funds directly to the fund via U.S. Bank (formerly Miami Trust).

Also, did you notice that this is not called the Antioch College Revival Fund? This is (apparently) because the University is fighting the Antioch College Alumni Association as to whether or not they are allowed to use the name "Antioch." Yes, seriously.

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