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“Well, it's about 6:40 on Friday morning. I am awake and just sort of sitting here in Hardy. Um, yea. About to get ready for today. The Alumni Board meeting starts in a little bit less than an hour. I'm gathering that I was not elected but that there's a chance I might be appointed, which I hope happens -- I'll let you know. And then the meeting in Kelly Hall starts at 9:00 with the trustees and everybody. Actually, I met one of the Trustees last night, and... I don't know. It was one of those moments where I was interested to hear what she was going to say, and I don't know whether she was a ... one of the yes voting trustees or one of the no voting trustees, but ... and there was a whole nother meeting going on and I got sucked into that. So ... I also became mother to two very tiny baby birds yesterday, who ... which I found on the ground sort of between North and the Union, very close to the path and really seriously gonna get stepped on, otherwise I wouldn't have touched them. But they were gonna get stepped on there and I didn't know what else to do. But Frank and Christina took them and have them in a shoebox full of newspaper and have been feeding them with an eyedropper. And I'm sure they're gonna ... probably gonna die. But, you know, they're trying, and that's cool. Alright. I should grab a shower and get ready for what's sure to be a really interesting day. I hope to see you all here.”

Transcribed by: hopita
Tags: antioch, voicepost

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