Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Registration today, revolution tomorrow.

Well, the number of alums on campus has begun to increase exponentially. I was at registration (FYI: It's in The Coretta Scott King Center, formerly known as The G-Spot*) right as it was beginning. The staff looked frazzled, stuff was MIA (my "15 Year Class" badge? Is actually a 50 Year Class badge with "50" crossed out and "15" written in with Sharpie), and the Channel 2 News crew was waiting outside.

I wanted to post to give a heads up that this may be my final moment of internet accessibility for quite a while. I've tried and failed to get the connection to work in Birch, and then I bought different cables and tried and failed again (n0thingman: I may want to talk to you about other computer-related weirdness that I've experienced -- when you have time, of course). I'm gonna keep trying to do voiceposts over the next few days, but my last few voiceposts didn't work so well, so we'll see.

At any rate, I'm headed to the Alumni Board meeting tomorrow morning at 7:30 am, where I'm going to try to get my butt appointed to the Board. Oh, and speaking of my butt, the probability that I'm going to be coming home with the Antioch logo permanently etched into my ass? Very high.

After that it's on to Kelly Hall for the 9:00 am "Future of the College Address" (AKA "The Trustees Face The Firing Squad"). So, as I've become fond of saying, the revolution starts tomorrow morning at 9:00 am.

Good thing I went to Bootcamp for the Revolution**.

Random and unrelated: I think I may be buying a permanent account, so if anyone wants my remaining five-ish months of paid account, give a holla.

* To non-Antiochians, I expect this will sound very weird
** This too
Tags: activism, antioch, computer issues, events, orange mike, protests, technical difficulties, voicepost

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