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“OK. Now that I have had the most satisfying shower ever, I'm gonna, once I get to an actual sit down and type computer, I'm gonna post this to the antioch_college community, unless somebody else wants to do it for me? But I want to ask people to get in touch with Mary Lou LaPierre. It's, possibly her extension is possibly 1205, although I'm not sure. She is, I believe, the Vice Chancellor for Development for the University. Here's why I want people to get in touch with her: The meeting this coming Friday morning at 9:00 am, The State of the College Address, where basically the trustees are going to answer the alumni questions. The idea was floated that, I guess, I guess WYSO floated the idea that they could simulcast that meeting on the internet and that would basically be fantastic for all of the alums who can't make it here until Saturday. Unfortunately, apparently Mary Lou LaPierre and the Vice Chancellor or the Development ... oy vey. The Development Office for The University has nixed that. And from what I understand, the only way that we're gonna change that is if we start calling and emailing her and saying "Hey -- you know, there are all these alums who would really like to hear The State of The College Address but can't make it to Yellow Springs on Friday. I think you should let WYSO simulcast the meeting." So, there's my request for the evening. I apologize if some of the information may be a little bit fuzzy (like I'm obviously not totally clear on what her title is). But once I get to an actual computer tomorrow I will see if I can get some more information. But for tonight, that is your mission. Alright? Talk to you soon. Thanks. Bye.”

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