Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Voice Post:

225K 1:10
“Well, I'm in Yellow Springs, I -- "I am Evil Homer, I am Evil Homer, I am Evil Homer, I am Evil Homer ..." -- I am in Birch and Homer Simpson is singing to me. Hey, anyone who's lived in Birch: Do you know the trick to like how to connect to the internet from here? I kind of have the sense that it requires a type of cable that I don't have which is incredibly frustrating because the phone jacks look like they take something bigger than a phone cord, but I don't know what, or where to get it, or, yea. Um, yea. So I'm gonna give up on that for now and I'm gonna take the world's most eagerly anticipated shower and deal with my email checking tomorrow in the library and maybe by then somebody will have responded and told me how to connect to the internet from here. 'Cause I would really like to, I just don't know how. OK. Shower.”

Transcribed by: hopita
Tags: antioch, voicepost

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