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“I have no idea why I decided to do a voice post right now 'cause I don't even know what I wanna say. I am somewhere on Interstate 70, probably not too far from Antioch, actually. I think I saw a sign a little ways back Springfield being not too far away, so I should probably be paying attention to the road right now. Man, I don't think anyone's even gonna be able to understand me. I don't know. The air conditioning in my car works sometimes and doesn't work sometimes and today's one of those sometimes when it doesn't work so I have the windows open which tends to make for a noisy drive and especially when I'm trying to drive around a truck. Holy fucking hell. I ... well... I ... let's see. It's around 5:30. I expect I'll be in Yellow Springs within the hour. I expect that shortly thereafter I ... I expect that shortly thereafter I will be at Ha Ha's, and what happens after that, I have no ides. But I hope I'm gonna see a lot of you guys there this week. It's gonna be interesting. Alright. I think I might be done.”

Transcribed by: hopita
Tags: antioch, driving, travel, voicepost

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