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Destruction Pictures

OK, that was kind of cathartic. It felt a tiny little bit good to do something other than freak the hell out for the first time since Tuesday.

How 'bout some more pictures?

These are from the wanton destruction that happened here and at quietstormpgh a few weeks back:

Co-op destruction

"There are no good corporations ..."

Circle-A anarchy

Circle-A anarchy

Boarded up windows

Boarded up door

Quiet Storm destruction

Boarded up windows

Boarded up windows and the "Smash $" graffiti that the cops said didn't exist*

Still more boarded up windows

* Hard to see in this picture, I realize. It's about a foot and a half above the middle of the bike rack ... see it now?
Tags: crime, eefc, graffiti, pictures, quiet storm

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