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Old Age = Memory Loss.

So here's an odd little story that I've only told to Young Mike (thus far):

Two nights ago, I went to see Crimson Sweet at The Smiling Moose. I went to college with three of the four Crimson Sweet band members, so, more than anything, it was a catch-up-with-old-friends kind of night (random fun fact: The last time Crimson Sweet came to town, douchetruck let me know he was cheating on me the very next morning. Ominous foreshadowing*, anyone?).

So after Crimson Sweet's set was over, The CosmoSonics took to the stage. I found one band member to be particularly foxy, and, after their set was over, I approached him to buy a CD.

He asked my name, and I asked his. And then I realized: Holy crap, I actually dated this guy once upon a time. It was about ten years ago, and it was very short lived, but still ...

Yes kids, it's true: I've officially dated everyone.

* with a nod to anarqueso
Tags: anarqueso, antioch, cheating, crimson sweet, dates, dating, music, randomness, small world, unixd0rk, young mike

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