Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Idiots abound.

Well, some jagoff broke into The Co-op again. This time it was a total destruction mission -- windows smashed and shit spray painted on the walls, but apparently nothing was taken. They did, however, cut themselves pretty badly when they broke the windows; apparently Debbie and Allisyn spent the morning mopping up the blood from the sidewalk. From what I hear, there was a blood trail heading toward Braddock.

The word on the street is that this was the work of the same jerks who busted out the windows at quietstormpgh a few nights back.

The graffiti they left here, in addition to your standard issue circle A anarchy symbol, said something along the lines of "There are no good corporations: Stop [illegible] buying ..." In my personal opinion, it comes off less as black bloc and more as wannabe -- more as something somebody would do if they wanted to see the anarchists get blamed for it. I suppose I could be wrong, but to me this screams either bored teenagers or CIA bullshit.

And thanks to pghwob for providing me with this bizarre little link.

Also, I ranted about this all in the pittsburgh community. Check out my rant -- I use the word "bougie."
Tags: allisyn, bullshit, crime, debbie, eefc, links, pghwob, pittsburgh, quiet storm

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