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Slowly but surely, more pictures.

These are mostly Co-op-related, and include pghwob's last day at The Co-op.

I'm at work right now and I have a mountain of shit to do (as momacress can attest), so I'm going to try to upload this roll of film over the course of the day, in little ten minute increments, as a series of little breaks from the insanity that is the supplement aisle.

Here, hopefully by day's end, are those pictures:

Toys on the Desk*

Toys on the Desk*

heart van

heart van

pghwob on his last day at The Co-op**

pghwob on his last day at The Co-op




Water and Orlando singing to pghwob on his last day at The Co-op

Water singing to pghwob on his last day at The Co-op

Water, pghwob and Orlando on pghwob's last day at The Co-op


pghwob and me*****

pghwob and me

Maggie and pghwob

pghwob on his last day at The Co-op

Allisyn and Orlando (with Sprout in the background)******

Elizabeth and Allisyn

Allisyn kisses a frog*******



Joseph's neck********


Tim and Joey Coconuts

Tim and Joey Coconuts

Whew! Done! And it only took me six and a half hours ...

* Now my neighbor Jeff has gone and piled a bunch of boxes on my beloved desk, which totally ruins the feng shui of the whole thing. :(
** I gave him that shirt
*** Meg says I always take terrible pictures of her, so she specifically posed for this one
**** With not just his Tofurky shirt but his Tofurky gloves as well
***** The thought bubble over my head should read "What the fuck are you doing, pghwob?"
****** It took me a really long time -- like weeks -- to notice that Sprout was hiding in this picture
******* Well two frogs, actually ...
******** No clue what that was about.


Sprout (from the Allisyn and Orlando picture)******

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