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With starting flame wars and getting impaled, I haven't had much of a chance to upload photos lately. Let's see if I can remedy that:

Toys on the desk*

Toys on the desk*

Toys on the desk*

Toys on the desk*


Billie and Dave**

Dave and Billie**

Dave and Billie**

Dave and Stacey

Dave and Stacey

Allisyn kissing a frog

Me, driving***

Me, driving***

Maggie, draw_in_yellow and Joseph

Joseph and draw_in_yellow




I've got one more roll of film lying around -- if I don't get it uploaded tonight, I'm really gonna try to get to it tomorrow.

* Explained in this post.
** I kind of love all of these
*** Yes, again
**** I love this one too
***** Ya gotta love that one of my last pictures of Tom is "Bear Week 2005"
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