Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Photographic Proof That I Am A Wiseass.

Hello all. Here are some more pictures. I think several of them are really quite funny.

The pictures:

Opie, Tino and Jacob

Opie, Tino and Jacob

Tino, Opie and Jacob

Opie, Tino and Jacob

Jacob and Tino*

Hmmm ... I wonder what I could do with this

Seriously ... how long have we been selling this product?

Well look whose testicles we have here

And Sprout Spray too

Ladies: Use protection. Don't let Sprout happen to YOU

If only I'd had this four months ago ...

lilostitch and her Jew pie**

... and now it's my Jew pie***

Mmm ... Jew pie

Mmm ... Jew pie

We Can't All Be****

We Can't All Be****

Soviet Cat's Meow!

Great Ants CD release party at the Lawrenceville Moose

Stacey and Joey Coconuts at the Great Ants show

Stacey at the Great Ants show

Random, pretty boy at the Great Ants show

Stacey at the Great Ants show

Billie at the Great Ants show (with Ant being goofy in the background)

Ant (closeup)*****

Me and Opie

* Jacob sleeps in such weird positions sometimes
** OK, that sounds wrong ...
*** ... which also sounds wrong
**** He probably needs a better nickname
***** Yep, he's pretty.
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