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April 24, 1990

It's April 24th.

Seventeen years ago today, I was in a horrible accident.

Is it weird that the shootings at Virginia Tech kind of brought some of that back for me? I remember when our college's PR guy invited the press onto campus to harass the accident survivors, under the guise of "any publicity is good publicity for the college." When I saw Matt Lauer camped out at Virginia Tech on the day after the shootings, I felt for all of those students, trying to grapple with the trauma they'd just experienced while simultaneously trying to dodge camera crews.

Of course their trauma was very different from our trauma, and I don't claim to have a real understanding of their experience. But I do know what it is to have a single, random, traumatic event haunt you forever.


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Apr. 24th, 2007 01:47 pm (UTC)
Is it weird that the shootings at Virginia Tech kind of brought some of that back for me?

no. not to me. i was wondering if this would be the case, actually, and if you hadn't posted about this today, i'd have asked you about it. i've been thinking about that whole series of events too, as i do almost every earth day, and wondering if you were okay.

i can't claim to understand what you or anyone else in the van went through, obviously, too. but i do remember the pain you were in.

fucking Dayton Daily News.
Apr. 25th, 2007 03:50 pm (UTC)
Would you believe it's online? It's on an archive service, so you have to pay to read it, but yowza. I still remember the picture: You, Beth, Shawn and Sue standing together, while Frank and madmaxximus sat a few steps in front of you. Years later, Frank told me how the conversation went:

madmaxximus: Hey, is that guy taking a picture of us?
Frank: I think he is, yea.
madmaxximus: Let's go kick his ass!
Frank: Good idea!

And then they went and chased him away. It's why I told Frank that he (and madmaxximus and also Pete Klarnet, who did the same thing two days later) was my hero.
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