Hopita (hopita) wrote,

DC Pictures: Regular Camera, Volume 2

This is the second roll of (non-eight-frame) film from my trip to DC. This roll features the arrival of bishopjoey, us wandering around the city, and yellow_velvet's and shinface's cats as well. bishopjoey and I hadn't seen each other in person since 1999, so it was really incredible to have the chance to hang out together again, even if only for just a very few days.

At any rate, the pictures:

Me at Takoma Park Co-op

Me at Takoma Park Co-op

Driving to Dulles to pick up bishopjoey

Driving to Dulles to pick up bishopjoey







bishopjoey and a random, cool looking building


Me in front of The Zoo*

One of the lions at the entrance to The Zoo*



Washington Area Bicyclist Association***

bishopjoey at Dupont Circle Metro station

bishopjoey at Dupont Circle Metro station

bishopjoey on The Metro


I believe I was aiming for this statue of a chicken, but was simply too far away

Compost for sale at Takoma Park Co-op

Driving by Takoma Park Co-op

bishopjoey in Takoma Park, MD

Squirrel Crossing****

Squirrel Crossing (close up)****

Giant Kangaroo

* No, we didn't visit The Zoo. If we'd had more time I would've liked to, but time was pretty seriously at a premium.
** Look at that sky!
*** Where were these guys when I lived there?
**** "How come you never see a fat squirrel? Nuts are so fatty..." "Yeah, but they do a lot of cardio..."
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