Hopita (hopita) wrote,

DC Pictures!!!

The good news: I got my DC pictures back!

The bad news: One of the rolls was missing its disc, and it could be two weeks before they get that back to me. And more bad news: That groovy eight frame camera I picked up at The Warhol Museum? It appears that one of the eight lenses is not working. I've emailed The Warhol and am awaiting word on if it's their problem or the manufacturer's problem (or if I'm simply S.O.L.).

At any rate, the pictures:

Aaron and Shannon*

Me, driving**

Me at Common Market***

Common Market***

Me at Common Market***

Me at Common Market***

Me at Common Market***

My old house****

My old house****

Me across the street from my old house****

My old house****

The view from my old house (featuring The Scottish Temple Gardens)

My old house****

My old house****

My old house**** (featuring my old room*****)

Michael A. Brown, Ward 4******

Senbeb Co-op*******

Me at Senbeb Co-op*******

Me, exhausted and windswept, walking down 14th Street

Me, exhausted and windswept, walking down 14th Street

Me at Takoma Park Co-op********

Takoma Park Co-op********

Me at Takoma Park Co-op (ah, the view up my nose)********

Me at Takoma Park Co-op********

* OK, so this is from before I left town.
** Save your lectures. I already realize that "photography while driving" is not the world's safest hobby.
*** The first co-op I visited. It was nice -- big, spacious, well-stocked -- but it was in a strip mall right alongside a Burger King and a Wal*Mart, which I found kind of odd.
**** Did I tell you it was CUTE!?!?! I think I mentioned it was CUTE ...
***** The back two windows on the second floor are my old room.
****** A handful of you will get the joke; most will not. I'd explain it if I could, but I can't.
******* The second co-op I visited. This one was really small and depressing. Also, they'd just recently moved, so I started out with bad directions (quick -- name that Tom Waits reference!!!)
******** The third co-op I visited, and by far my favorite. It was cute, and friendly, and situated in a really charming little town.

OK, one roll down, five more to go. Look for more pictures when I return from fencing class tonight.
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