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“hopita: Uh... huh... hello... I am calling from uh bishopjoey's aunt and uncle's kitchen floor where I am being attacked by cats. Um... he is upstairs -- bishopjoey, that is. Uh, let's see ... I picked him up yesterday at the airport and we did a whole bunch of running around and buying of books and, uh, things of that nature and then today we've been doing a whole lot of driving around because we're pretty tired from yesterday and we went to ... well, sort of two more co-ops: I actually went to the Takoma Park Co-op yesterday before I picked him up, but we went back there again today and also spent a bunch of time in Takoma Park and then went to Silver Spring and he's coming down the stairs -- yaay! C'mere c'mere c'mere! Hello hello hello. Say hello to my VoicePost on LiveJournal:

bishopjoey: Hello! [unintelligible] Welcome to Washington DC! Greetings from Prague!

hopita: OK, that's really random. Now you're gonna be on LiveJournal forever.

bishopjoey: Cool.

hopita: Not like you're not already on LiveJournal forever. Um, anyway, now I think we're gonna go look for some cherry blossoms because apparently they're all the rage here ... and now I'm getting attacked by dogs too. Alright. Uh ... yea. Leave me comments and stuff and then I'll come home and read them. Ha ha ha. OK. Bye.”

Transcribed by: hopita
Tags: bishopjoey, cats, co-ops, dc, exhaustion, voicepost

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