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“"Hello. I am recording this from my hotel room in Washington DC. I had actually meant to call in and do this earlier today, and then....I don't know. It didn't happen. But I guess it can be brief. Let's see, so far today I went to two different co-ops. I went to Common Market in Frederick, Maryland, which was nice; although, it was in a strip mall along with a Burger King and a Wal-Mart, and it just seemed really out of place. I don't know. And then I went to Sinbad's Co-op, which is here in Washington DC, which was just depressing. It took me several hours to find it. It had moved from where it used to be, and it's really, really far North, and it moved even farther away. Um yeah, it's really small. It's like a one-room little podunk thing, and I don't know. I took a picture of it, but yeah. It kind of surprises me. For a city like Washington DC, you'd think they could sustain like a serious co-op, but apparently not. I think maybe because there's one in Silver Spring. I don't know.

Anyway, what else? I tracked down Food For Thought, which was my favorite restaurant when I lived here 16 years ago. And oh, oh, oh, oh, and the house that I used to live in is like 10 times cuter than I remembered it, and I took a whole bunch of pictures, and when I post them, you're all gonna like abandon your homes and come move here because it's really amazing what a coat of paint and a new set of windows can do for a house. It was kind of like funky and quirky before, and now it's just unbelievably cute.

And I keep thinking about He Who Shall Remain Nameless because there is somebody here with his exact same name who is running for City Council, and all afternoon long I kept seeing not just like signs in people's yards with his name on it...I am not sure if it is the exact same name, but it's the same last name, the same first name, and the same middle initial.... I don't know what this Congress/City Council guy's middle name is, but at any rate, not only were there signs like in people's yards, but there was like this group of teenage boys who were carrying around signs, I guess putting them in people's yards. I don't know, maybe I should have asked for one, but it was just really freaky to walk around and see his name everywhere, even though I know it's a different guy.

I guess that's it. I am awaiting......What does that mean? Does that mean I've run out of time? Uh, all right, I'll just keep talking. I'm awaiting word from Bishop Joey as to what time he's going to be around, and them I'm going to pick him up, and we're going to hang out with his aunts and uncles, and I guess that's it. And now I'm going to stop talking.”

Transcribed by: morrigan716
Tags: bishopjoey, co-ops, dc, h.w.s.r.n., travel, voicepost

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