Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Rants and Raves, in no particular order

Tonight was my first fencing class. Good thing: I used muscles I didn't even remember I had. Bad thing: I think the teacher is kind of a jerk. He showed himself to be a sexist fucktard when he said that even women knew how to throw a football from watching T.V. (OMG - even women can throw a football? No way!) His teaching style is Asshole High School Gym Teacher: yell at people and call them names. Grrrrrreat. pghwob joked that maybe it would toughen me up. I replied that I wasn't trying to join the fucking army here; I was trying to learn a new sport.

And speaking of pghwob, I had the best time with him yesterday. It was the first really warm day of the year -- it got up to 72, I believe -- and I got to spend a chunk of my afternoon hanging out with him and his son on the playground, which is so exactly how I wanted to spend such a nice day.

Unfortunately, how I spent today was having my car checked out before I head to DC next month to hang out with bishopjoey. What I'd hoped would be a simple oil change and tire check has turned into a several hundred dollar extravaganza of worn brake pads, leaky gaskets, and oozing radiators. Joy. And the work didn't even get done -- Al has to finish the job tomorrow.

Also tomorrow, I have to go to the doctor to (finally) do something about what I'm pretty certain is a bone spur in my right heel. This is actually kind of excellent timing for a doctor's appointment, because I think I've got an ear infection too. I've definitely got fluid sloshing around in there, and ear candling did pretty much nothing to help.

And tomorrow night? Maybe bowling with Giuseppe, maybe dinner at Zenith with Mom.

Oh, and before I finish ranting ... does everyone in Pittsburgh smoke? I was walking down Penn Avenue in Garfield this evening and it was like being in a bar. And speaking of bars, Monday night I went to a bar with _aqualung_, and the bar was so smokey, I actually had trouble falling asleep when I got home that night, thanks to all the nicotine I (inadvertently) inhaled. I know I've become the annoying ex-smoker, but really, I think that's the only way to do it. Ya gotta be a hardass, it seems.

Tonight Joey Coconuts has his ping pong tournament. I'd enjoy to go, but it's at Gooski's, and, as anyone who's ever been there can attest, Gooski's is a fucking ashtray. I contemplated going, but ultimately decided I couldn't handle it. I don't know how Sprout does it. He doesn't smoke or drink anymore, but I know he hangs with people in bars sometimes. The only way it was even possible for me to do it on Monday was because _aqualung_ is also a former smoker, so I knew I'd have backup.

I'm glad I reminded myself how much I love the song "Hip Hop Hooray."
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