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I usually say that everything starts in October, but lately, I've been wondering if everything actually starts in March.

It's March now. On March 4, 2005, I had the best date with Rob -- it was the night I knew I'd really fallen for him. And then of course on March 12th of last year, Rob and I broke up. This doubly sucked, because March 12th was the day I met Daryk, and had always been a happy date for me up until that point.

So now it's March 4th again and I'm wondering: does everything start in October, or does everything really start in March?

Sprout and I watched the eclipse last night, and I told him stories of me and n0thingman and eclipses gone by. Then I came home and talked to pghwob for a good long time. It's a wonderful thing, how close we've become. I never would have expected it, but he's absolutely become one of my most trusted friends.
Tags: breakups, daryk, eclipse, friends, march, october, orange mike, pghwob, sprout, unixd0rk

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