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Old Co-op pictures: The final installment (for now) ...

These pictures run from Winterfest 2005 through March of 2006. That's when I broke up with Rob (which means that's when I stuffed everything into the closet), although I'm not really sure what happened to the next couple of rolls of film from after the breakup. If I ever unearth them, I'll post them.

At any rate, the pictures:

Winterfest 2005: FarMaria, Cris, Thrasher and Erok

Winterfest 2005: Mark, Dan, Thrasher and Erok

Winterfest 2005: Camille

Winterfest 2005: Amy

Winterfest 2005: Vince, Lisa and Rebecca*

Winterfest 2005: The Bald Cowboy speaks

... and a closeup

Winterfest 2005: Young Mike

The Italian Scallion

The Italian Scallion

The Italian Scallion


Coco's butt


Fran in his Tofurky bowling shirt


A rainbow across the street from The Co-op

A rainbow across the street from The Co-op

The chalkboard

Little Batman

Little Batman

*I'm pretty sure that maroon shoulder belongs to Rob, who had finally showed up at this point, two hours late. I'm not exactly thrilled that he's in this picture, but oh well.
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