Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Old Co-op pictures: The third installment.

These pictures run from Halloween 2005 through the beginning of December 2005. I'll start the next installment with the Winterfest 2005 pictures.

The pictures:

Nick the pirate

Nick the pirate

Sleepy Sarah

Cleopatra Kara


The *other* Nick the pirate

momacress and Coconut Joe

momacress (as Agent Scully)

momacress and -- I'm guessing -- Joey Coconuts

... and cropped

The *official* Co-op-o-lantern


Me as Frida Kahlo

Me as Frida Kahlo

Me as Frida Kahlo

Me as Frida Kahlo*



The chalkboard

Shannon (with Maureen, Allisyn and LaKeisha)

Shannon close up

Allisyn and Shannon

... and close up again

Smiling eggplant

* Hello, new user icon
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