Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Sprout and Body Image

I originally said this to jette in response to something that she said in one of amarama's posts. Ever since I wrote the comment, it's been rattling around inside of my head, and I wanted to share it here.

The gist was that, while I'll agree that Sprout would have been a terrible choice for a long term partner for me, I was still devastated when our little hookup didn't turn into something more. And a large part of why I was so upset was because Sprout was so complimentary toward me, and specifically, because he was so complimentary about my body. I genuinely can't remember another partner in even vaguely recent memory that I could say that about.

And the worst part about it? He was so verbal about being attracted to me that my instant gut reaction was mistrust. How fucked up is that?

My Valentinr - hopita
Tags: body image, compliments, me, self-esteem, sex, sprout

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