Hopita (hopita) wrote,

"In Bed"

Last night, I went out for Chinese food with my Mother.

Now, many people (Sprout included) like to play that "in bed" game with their fortune cookie fortunes. I'll admit to having done that upon occasion, but it's a game whose novelty really wore off for me around the time I graduated from college. Nevertheless, last night I got the best "in bed" fortune ever, made doubly ridiculous by the fact that I was not about to explain the whole "in bed" game to my Mother. And I quote:

You will make a sudden rise in life.

No. Really. I swear.

And in other news, if I don't hear from the vet in the next fifteen minutes, I'm calling them. And if I have an unsatisfactory telephone experience, I'm heading over there.
Tags: fortune cookies, hunan kitchen, jacob, mom, randomness, sex, sprout

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