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This morning was laundry. I was supposed to meet Orange Mike for lunch at 11:30, but he was running late, and I had errands to do. I ran to Tela Ropa for some red star-shaped glitter (to be enclosed in a letter for H.W.S.R.N.), and while I was there, I ran into Alisa, the Antioch drop-out that accosted me and Susan and Colin at our ten-year reunion. Turns out she's left her job at The East End Food Co-op and is now working at Tela Ropa. Small world.

Then I ran to Gidas Flowers to buy Jerusalem Cherries. I had really wanted my Mom to send me Jerusalem Cherries for my birthday (she usually sends me a floral arrangement from Gidas Flowers), but she looked online and found out Jerusalem Cherries were poisonous to cats, so she ended up not sending me anything. Still, I just loved the way the Jerusalem Cherries looked so much that I decided to buy them for her and bring them to her on Thanksgiving.

Now part of the point to buying anything at Gidas Flowers is that the world's prettiest man works there. Oh is he pretty. The kind of pretty where you forget how to speak in sentences. Stephanopoulos pretty.

And lucky me, Pretty Man was the one working today. I think he tried to tell me how to take care of the plant. I'm not really sure. I just stared at those blue eyes and handed over my credit card ...

Anyhow, I got home and Orange Mike arrived shortly thereafter. He agreed with Monica's assessment of the H.W.S.R.N. situation: that it was better for me to write a letter that I didn't know for sure would ever be read, than to sit on my hands and let all this crap fester. Get it out of my system, regardless of whether or not H.W.S.R.N. pays my words any attention. So I did.

And then Orange Mike and I headed outside, and ran into my neighbor, Mark, and his dogs, Chewey and Xena. I looked down the street and saw Dusty, this little 16-year-old ragmop of a dog, lying in the middle of the sidewalk and looking decidedly unwell. We all ran down there and she was, for lack of a better word, OK. I coaxed her up off of the sidewalk (which took some doing), and Lefty (one of Dusty's caretakers) stuck his head out and said she was fine, just a bit senile (pot calling the kettle black, if you know what I mean).

Anyhow, after all that, Orange Mike and I had lunch at Zen Garden, where we did in fact bump into ratphooey and her mother. For no explainable reason I was very distracted ... by the H.W.S.R.N. letter, by the goofy postcards ratphooey and I bought for the first years ... I dunno. My head was all over the place. Still kinda is.

After that was coffee, cake, caffeine, and conversation at Dancing Goats (try as I might, I couldn't find their website). Caffeine makes me nuts. Orange Mike can attest to that. Things got silly. But I think the caffeine helped me focus at least a little bit. I suppose my distraction is yet another side effect of the lack of nicotine (3 weeks, 3 days, and 14 hours, and counting). Unfortunately, that's not supposed to get better for like another 3 months. Great ...

After all of that, I had planned on swimming this evening. I suppose it still could happen, but, for now, I'm not really feeling it. Holiday weeks tend to be bad weeks for exercise. Too many other things going on ... my schedule gets all out of whack ...
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